Thursday, January 25, 2007

Online Resources

Hi GROW grads:

I've been putting together some resources to help grads with potential classroom activities. I have a preliminary list of online resources up at: http://es.ucsc.edu/~jrokosky/OnlineResources.htm
There are some specific activities listed by subject matter and, at the end, several great search engines for hands-on science activities.

This list is certainly not complete and I would love any suggestions you have for other online resources or copies of specific activities you have done (email me or the grow_grads email). I am also putting together a binder of hardcopy activities folks have given me, which will eventually reside in the ACE offices (Baskin 199). If you are interested in looking at in the meantime, send me an email.

Also, the Expanding Your Horizons conference is coming up on March 3rd. If you make a GROW presentation to any 8-12th grade girls or know young women in this age range, please encourage them to attend. We are hoping to use GROW as a major component of our conference outreach, so your help is appreciated. More information is at eyh.ucsc.edu and brochures/promo materials are available at the ACE office.



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